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Is Your Building Information Managed?

It is a requirement under Health & Safety and CDM regulations to keep up-to-date record information for your buildings.

Does your business have up-to-date record information of your buildings and building services in a secure location?

Do you already have 'record' information for your buildings but it is not being kept up-to-date or is difficult to access and manage?

We can help you!

e-bims is a service to provide a secure on-line searchable central database for all of your buildings’ critical documentation ensuring your information is kept up-to-date.

You can choose which information is to be stored and how it is organised.

The e-bims team will bring your building information together to a central location which is accessed through a easy to navigate web portal.

e-bims process

The e-bims web portal is the platform in which your scanned and electronic building documents are brought together.

e-bims is available online 24/7 so there is no more misplaced critical information. No software purchase or installation is necessary to access e-bims.

Once logged on you can immediately begin searching your database. Documents can be viewed and downloaded in either PDF format or as their original native formats.

Any building information relevant to your buildings can be stored on the e-bims system in a structure that is totally flexible and searchable.

We understand that every client’s requirements are unique, therefore we tailor our service to your individual needs.

Custom built folder structures are created to client requirements which can evolve over time to suit any additional building information uploaded.

Building Information on the Move

data upload

Once uploaded your buildings’ information can be accessed from anywhere at anytime

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