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BS 8587:2002 - Facility Information Management (FIM)

Why is it important for owners and operators to manage their facility related information?


To comply with requirements of the organisation and financial obligations and duties.

  fim To allow the collection, maintenance, updating, communication and control of facility information.
  fim Aiding the day-to-day management of your facility throughout its life.
  fim To assist with the identification, structuring and compilation of information and data required for a wide range of purposes and needs.
  fim The right information available to the right personnel in the right form.


Keeping Your Facility Information Up-To-Date

In the case of an existing facility, the Facilities Managers need to firstly identify the facility information required and then categorise the information according to its purpose. This enables the right person to locate the right information.

The facility information needs to be accurate and reliable therefore validating the quality of the information produced.

The finally stage is that the information is reviewed and updated according to the changes to the facility to suit the evolving business requirements.


Using Technology to aid with FIM

Technology can be an important tool in significantly improving the integrity of information, data and the speed at which it is communicated. Does your current facility information system meet your needs in the following areas:


Centralisation and standardisation of your facility information.

  fim All your different file formats delivered on one platform.
  fim Ability to locate your facility information as and when required.
  fim Loss of information.
  fim To easily identify gaps in your facility information.
  fim Validation of your facility information.
  fim Ability to easily review and update your various data elements.
  fim Improved efficiency and productivity.
  fim Ensures that the right information is available to the right people, at the right time.

If you need any help with your Facility Information Management then the e-bims team would be happy to help.

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